The model of Affiliate Marketing – What is Affiliate Marketing.

1. What is Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a form of online business, reflecting the economic relations between distributors (publishers) and
suppliers (advertisers). In particular, suppliers manage their products and distributors act as the product referrals and
earning the commissions upon their sales.
This is a fairly favorite business model around the world but in Vietnam, it has just become popular in the past few

2. The features of Affiliate marketing

This Affiliate Marketing model is attracted people by the reasons as follows:

2.1- The pros

– Without funds for startup
+ Probably, this is the most basic feature of this model. It only requires the distributor to register an account to the
supplier and accept their policies to meet an agreement. They don’t even need to meet up to exchange for the further
+ If you are interested in this business model please visit the link below to learn more about the Affiliate marketing
program of Hongminhpsco's website at:
– Without pressure of sales target or the other dependant conditions
The suppliers aim to encourage as many participants as possible. Therefore, they will materialize their sales policy how
to be simply for more people can reach them. Suppliers manage the integrated software on their website to monitor
your sales. Moreover, when you have an order and placed successfully, you can receive a notification email or
somehow to confirm the amount of commission that you will earn. Some websites even pay you the bonus when you
successfully recruit other people to be collaborator to join their system (2-level Affiliate marketing program or policies for
– Without worry of operation fees
When you register to join an Affiliate marketing program, you will not have to pay any cost. You don't need to worry
about importing goods, inventories and outdated. The un-expected costs may be under your control but you might have
to promote your reputation such purchasing the Ads or SEO keywords on your own blog.
– Without worry of consultant and delivery fees: The supplier should takes in-charges for you, even the fixing or
warranty services.
– Without any difficult to join.
+ You are almost free to doing your own business. Just after few clicks, you have become a partner of a website or
supplier. This also means you don't need to show off your qualifications, certificates, funds or experience.
+ You can even take part to the Affiliate marketing program of the overseas suppliers such as Amazon, as long as they
have Affiliate Marketing collaborators policies. Otherwise, there are the suppliers in Vietnam which also have this
business model such
– Making money in everywhere
+ If you consider making-money-online (MMO) as a full time job, you should create a fine platform firstly. By this
platform, you can start your Affiliate marketing or combine with the other business models to make money from that
platform itself.
+ Example: You have a blog page which attracts the thousands viewers. Thence, you can make ads of the variety
Affiliate marketing items; place the Google Ads and putting Ads banner of the other suppliers on your blog page once
you recently have a certain users that meet Google Policy requirements.
– The potential to establish an enterprise from a sales channel
One interested fact that despite, this sales channel in form of advertisement, promotion for the items of others but, many
people who recently participates in this program have revealed that Affiliate Marketing is not trivial with its hidden
content management system. Thence, you can absolutely startup your own business in accordance with the
enterprise’s structure.

2.2- The cons

– It’s cost a long time to set-up
If you don't have the proper skills and methods, It might cost you a long time trapped in a jumble of internet; if you
wanna earn as much as your wishes. Tips: From the beginning, you must have the proper ways and strategies including
short-term and long-term.
You may refer more detail as in here
– You must have the internet’s knowledge
Certainly, the beginning is always not easy and whether you are persistence enough to gain the first success in the
internet or not?
– Limited in advertisements
There are some items which are not permitted to advert. Moreover, if you don’t manage well your advertising services –
it’s the same meaning as you make ads without being paid for the suppliers.

3- Identify the act of scamming and the other business models.

* Promptly detect an act and evidence of scamming
When you decide to do a business with a model, you have to comprehend the basic features of that business model. To
avoid the “false alarm”, misunderstand or being cheated widely on the Internet, you should learn how to identify the act
of scamming. Besides that, you should know how to discriminate the various popular business models to ensure your
safety and fruitful of doing business.
* But not to be confused without logical and critical thinking
In overall, you conduct the promotion and advertisement action on the items of the suppliers for sales to earn
commissions at your final target. But if you used to do the business in a classic way recently, you may get doubtful due
to you don’t have to pay your budget to invest but, you still earn the commission. However obviously, on the
cyberspace, there are many unbelievable things but it is true finally, for an instance: drop shipping or you can you’re
your picnic’s photos to the others via internet.
The only difference of multi-level scams to compare with other business model is: earning the money through a system
development, cheating customers at all methods. In the Affiliate marketing program, you never pay at any cycle (except
for some special cases).
To identify the multi-level scams, there are some evidence as follows:
a/ There are not real or inferior products
+ Once they gave you an item’s list but in fact, they are not exist or they can’t convince you that they own the products
such (certificates, testing or publication); official distributors and partners …. You should suspect and question them
carefully before joining the program.
+ In addition, the product what they offer should be practicality and suitable to the market. This means that the product
must have the potential customer in need and guarantee the competitive factors in the market (in need, have a prestige,
brand, trendy …)
b/ No transparent website and the given information is doubtful.
+ In the online sales, if the supplier encourages you to join the Affiliate marketing, they must give you full of information,
images and sales support documents. Their website requires a professional construction and design with customer care
team, warranty, refurbish policies or hotline for example. In addition, it must have a management system of Affiliate
+ If it’s not enough the above mention facts, you should not coordinate with them to avoid the loss of reputation to your
c/ Take advantages of the greedy and illusion
+ They will offer the products that you feel easily to sales and you will be soon to image the tons of profits. Frankly,
Affiliate Marketing is not difficult but if you wann earn money to thousands of dollars, it is indeed difficult. So, nothing is
+ Convincing you to pay or buy the combo sets.

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